Prospective Student

We are always looking for talented and motivated young scholars to join our group. At a high level, our work aims at combining classic theory and techniques with timely applications. Our philosophy is: “come from practice, tackle in theory world, and then return to practice”.  It is our belief that this approach can bring out the real problem hidden in application artifacts and allow us to solve fundamental challenges.
Currently, we are investigating universal data summarization for distributed machine learning, topology inference in next-generation networks (e.g., NFV), interplay between network tomography and stealth DoS attack, cascading failures in smart grid networks, and security issues in SDN. If you are interested, you can email me, or directly apply to our PhD program and indicate Prof. Ting He as your advisor of interest.
Note for students seeking summer internship:
We generally do not host summer interns from abroad, regardless of whether financial support is needed, due to visa requirements. Because of the large amount of queries on this topic, I will not be able to reply one by one. 

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