Paper on Topology Inference accepted to ICC’19

This paper complements our INFOCOM’19 paper on NFV Topology Inference, by focusing on a subproblem called “weight inference problem” that infers the categories of edges in the ground truth topology and the sum edge weight in each category, both from end-to-end multicast measurements. Congrats to Yilei for your second paper and keep up the good […]

Paper on “Adaptive Federated Learning” accepted to JSAC

Our paper “Adaptive Federated Learning in Resource Constrained Edge Computing Systems” has been accepted to the Special Issue of IEEE JSAC on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Networking and Communications! This is the journal version of our earlier INFOCOM paper, in collaboration with Dr. Shiqiang Wang, Dr. Theodoros Salonidis, and Dr. Christian Makaya at […]

Three papers accepted to INFOCOM’19

Yilei’s paper on “Looking Glass of NFV: Inferring the Structure and State of NFV Network from External Observation”, Vaji’s paper on “Service Placement and Request Scheduling for Data-intensive Applications in Edge Clouds“, and our collaborator Stephen’s work on “Service Placement with Provable Guarantees in Heterogeneous Edge Computing Systems“, all funded by DAIS ITA. Congratulations to […]

Presentations & posters at ITA AFM

At the DAIS ITA Annual Fall Meeting this week (9/10-12/2018), we presented two papers and three posters based on our ITA-funded projects and related projects. These are based on four long papers currently under submission, so stay tuned. First-time formal presentations for Hanlin and Yilei, good job! Besides interesting discussions, we also had a great […]

Proposals on “Adversarial Network Tomography” and “Cascade Modeling, Prevention, and Recovery” are funded by NSF

The first is about a new application domain of network tomography where there might be malicious nodes that can manipulate measurements to mislead network tomography. The second is a joint proposal with Dr. Nilanjan Chaudhuri and Dr. Tom La Porta to study mechanisms of failure cascading in interdependent power-communication networks, as well mechanisms to prevent […]

Paper on mechanism design accepted to AI^3 workshop

Our paper titled “Online Mechanism Design using Reinforcement Learning for Cloud Resource Allocation” is accepted to the AAMAS-IJCAI Workshop on Agents and Incentives in Artificial Intelligence (AI^3) 2018. This is a cross-border, cross-project work with Prof. Sebastian Stein at University of Southampton that is funded by the DAIS-ITA program. The paper talks about how to […]

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